Seed & Nut Muesli


700 g NET

Lightly toasted Australian macadamias, almonds and pistachios are tossed with honey, rapadura sugar and spices, then blended with organic puffed quinoa, pepita seeds and Australian sourced grains and organic sunflower kernels.


Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2015 Silver Medal

Additional Information

Additional Info

made on the Bellarine Peninsula

preservative free

less than 4% sugar

high in fibre, very low in sodium

does not contain no fruit

fructose friendly


Ingredients: rolled oats, seeds (30%) (pepita seeds, sunflower kernels, linseeds), nuts (17%) (raw almonds, raw macadamias, flaked almonds, pistachios), organic brown rice syrup, rolled barley, organic coconut, organic quinoa flakes, puffed brown rice, organic puffed amaranth, cinnamon, organic vanilla bean

Serving suggestions: raspberries, vanilla yoghurt and a drizzle of your favourite honey